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Established 1999

Hydronic Heating - Heat Pumps - Solar Electricity - Solar Battery Systems - Sanden Hot Water

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Hydronic Heating

   * SX-18ZA and SX-19ZA
   not suitable for frost prone areas

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Our Air Sourced Heat Pumps are 200% to 600% efficient, in OZ

Heat Pump Efficiency

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Solar Electricity - Zero your power bills

Why choose Skyline Energy - Skyline Energy first offered solar electricity systems in 1999 - and we are still going strong!


Current panel and inverter options:

We have access to the largest range of solar panels and systems, this list changes continually, and we can probably get whatever panel/inverter models you want.
Too many to list
Changes almost daily

Are you ready to start converting sunshine into clean, green electricity?

. . . if so, we can make it happen for you.

Grid-connected solar power systems can be likened to having your own solar power station, that silently generates green electricity for your own use. Even if you consume more power at night than during the day, you can store the solar power in a battery system for use later in the the day when the sun has moved on.

With the acclaimed Aussie developed >Redback hybrid inverter< and your choice of battery technology, you can make huge savings on your power bills AND have power when the grid goes offline.

Tesla Powerwall and the alternatives?

Everyone's going off-grid - well not exactly! Going completely off-grid for most Aussies is a seriously "adventurous" proposition, but you can create an uninterruptable power supply (for when the grid goes off for short periods) AND store electricity during the day for use after the sun goes down - without having to take out a 2nd mortgage.

Solar Hybrid Systems:

Installing a HYBRID system is the way to go, the big question is
what system should I get ?

Well, you can do no research at all and install an "iTESLA", or you can do a little research and see there are really great alternatives - the "SAMSUNGS!" of the solar world.
We've done the research and can offer you a few different technologies like: >Lithium battery< coupled with a decent hybrid inverter like the >Redback Technologies SH5000 Hybrid Inverter<.

LG CHEM RESU3 solar battery

What Size system do I need?

Our recommendation is that Solar Electricity (combined with Heat-Pump Hot Water), reducing your overall electricity demand, represents a great investment opportunity. (Small homes with Natural GAS appliances typically need about 2kW to have zero electricity bills. Larger homes and homes with with no natural GAS and more electrical appliances need larger systems - maybe 5kW or larger)

Commercial systems should typically start at about 10kW - great incentives with GST input credits and depreciation benefits! - (check with your accountant)


Solar power provides an additional financial boost over many investments as the dollar benefits are in savings which are not taxed. Other forms of investments, such as shares or rental property are taxed; meaning the tax liability should be taken into consideration when performing an apples-to-apples comparison of solar compared to other investments.
Sometimes referred to as the Internet of distributed electricity generation, rooftop solar energy will also play an important role in providing energy security for the nation.


Roof mounted or Ground mounted systems available

If you don't have a suitable roof for solar, but do have some unshaded ground space, we can offer you a ground mounted solar system, just give us a call

Ground Mounted Solar

Micro-Inverter and Solar Optimizers -
Although they can cost a litte more to install than traditional systems inverters, the Microinverter systems and solar optimisers can increase the overall power output of the same panel array by up to 25%!

Did you know that Australia has the highest rate of household solar panel installations.

Did you know that most of those installed solar panels are not working to their full potential - and the homeowner is probably not even aware of it.

With single/standard inverters, all of the panels outputs are reduced to match the lowest performing panel.
Individual panel outputs do vary and degenerate with age, so if you have say 10 panels and one of them is "sick" or otherwise underperforming, it will cause the output of all the other panels to reduce to the lowest level, and you may not even be aware of it. Even with monitoring, you can only tell what the entire system is producing.

Maximise the returns from your solar panels by adding >optimizers< which allows each panel to work independantly, harnessing and sending it's full potential output to the inverter. Single-inverter systems with optimizers provide similar benefits of Micro-inverters.

We can upgrade your existing single-inverter system by adding >optimizers< .

Most new installations from now on will be single hybrid inverter systemswith optimizers and/or batteries to maximise self-consumption.

Panels are now available with integrated >Tigo optimzers<

APS Microinverter

Tigo opimizers retrofitted directly to back of solar panels

Tigo hybrid solar panel

Tigo integrated solar panels

NOTE: All prices subject to change without notice. For more information simply contact us by email, telephone or fax.

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